microservices and DevOps go together

Your Code

Quality code matters. Not only will your code be built to meet your current needs, it will be built to future needs.

Be Agile

Your application will continuously evolve. The level of change required can be overwhelming. Your ability to make rapid changes and move with customer demands are pivotal to your application success. Our software development implements lean agile methods, teams ready to scale, apps ready to deploy.

Your App

Own your code. The application development journey starts with code management, we ensure your code is secure and under your control.


Applications using old monolithic architecture can go wrong quick. Monolithic application architecture means that you have a single code base and single point of failure. At Fort 313 we don’t believe in application outages. Maintaining the customer experience is core to your success. Fort 313 can re-architect your application leveraging microservices, helping you deliver reliable service to your clients faster.


For a business to excel today, they need to be quicker to market. Agile application development methods ensure a continuous delivery of services to an increasingly evolving system. We’ll transform your application and get it ready for take off.